First Frog Modeling help

I am working on this frog and I am having trouble on the nose and modeling the eyes, I can’t seem to get the eyes to protrude properly.I was
wondering is anyone might have a few suggestions.


have a look at this thread, maybe it helps you to see the edges of the lizards head.

Can you post a picture of your frog with the edges? than someone can say you what you should tweak.

Do you mean the subsurf turned off so you can see the edges better? or just the default views?

ok here is the frog head in better views I hope…

you should cut holes where the eyes are and put spheres in it.

here’s a wire of a frog I did recently. (lower two are subsurfed)

Thanks Modron, did you use profiling to model the frog?

Hi, nice start, i sugget you to see mind …

Hey those are very nice! :stuck_out_tongue: I tried but I just couldn’t get the Frog head to come to my liking so I just continued with the modeling and this is what I
go I would like to make a scene with it but I think its really nice how it is check it out
hope you guys like it!! :expressionless:

opps forgot nostrils lol I’ll probably leave it how it is though I think nostrils will mess it up. Can I get some crits please. :stuck_out_tongue:

Show a render please, or an optimized wire, this is a bit too dense to see exactly how it’s done. From what i see, I think it looks good tho.

could you please explane to me what an optimized wire is and how to
use it, cause I have know idea what you are talking about. :expressionless: