First game attempt: Problem encountered. .Blend Included

Hi everyone. I am working on a first game to acquaint myself with Blender, and ran into a bit of a problem.

The game is very simple, as it is just to acquaint myself with the game engine, and get used to Python. The idea is to walk around collecting various heads, and equipping them to make yourself look different. Very basic and no other point :slight_smile:

Anyways, I used snippets of other tutorials and codes out on the boards here, and got it to work somewhat, but with some random problems. I was hoping someone could check out my .blend and let me know if they can figure out the problem…

Problems :

  1. The monkey head disappears as it is supposed to when I walk into it, but for some reason it isn’t displayed in the inventory screen.

  2. The monkey head is supposed to be invisible before you pick it up, but instead it appears around the characters waist… ?

  3. The backdrop on the inventory screen doesn’t seem to work properly.

  4. The game runs fine when in shaded, wire, etc, etc mode, but when you put it into Textured mode, its all a big gray blur and you can’t see anything. Its odd. There are no textures I am aware of. I did try setting some as I did on the inventory screen, but it didn’t work.

I am confused. If someone would be so kind as to examine the mess I made, I’d appreciate it.

You may have to go to and then click the link I made if it won’t let you remotely link to it.