First Game Character

Hello everyone, this is my first post ever on the forums, I just regesterd.
I have been reading it for awhile though, and everyone here seems friendly and very helpful, wich can be rare in forums these days.

Okay I am planing on tring to make a game, and trying to get the hang of 3D modeling in blender. This is the only 3D program I have ever used and I like it alot. But I am still new at it.

Two things have gotten me stuck hair and adding bones for animation.
But I will try and figure out the bone part first.

So if anyone has some good tutorials I would love to have a link. I was looking for a video one, because they help me alot. But I could not find one. So if anyone has something that could help me with it, it would be very kind of you.
Mind you i’m an idiot, so things dont sink in so fast haha.
So I hope I don’t annoy any one with annoying questions. %|

I will try and add a picture of the model I am working on now, but its my first time doing it, so I hope it works right.

Okay thanks alot for all the help everyone in here has given me already. Just by me reading all the help you have already given to others, I have learned alot. So thanks again.

this is your first model ever? you never used any other 3d program . if this is your first model ,great work i can’t do a human like . for the hair try using static particles ,this is a quick way to do hair .

Thanks sfmanga for the complement, very kind of you. But you can probably make one twice as good, and yours would have hair to !! haha

This is my first Model beside a couple I worked on when I was learning how to use blender. Most of wich are trashed now haha. Some swords and things.

Thanks for the tip on the hair. I have worked alittle on useing that way. but I was not sure how it would work when animated, so I just decided to try and rig it first, and give the character bones. It seems that 2.40 has given new ways of doing it.
And I was wanting to try them out. But not sure how to go about it. I always have problem making the bones connect to the mesh.

Thanks again for the help!

That’s amazing for a person who used Blender for only a little while (if you really have).

There you go. I’m so nice! [>]