First game charater (Anime)

Here is my almost finished game charater, it has a 1075 polycount and had to be optimized for a game which would run at the most commom computers today ( so it has some spikey parts), I hope you like it (I will work at the texture a bit more)
Any comment would be welcome ( pointing areas which need more improvement would help a lot too)


Now 997 polycount, see? No difference at all :smiley:


I think the hands a way too big. Also I don’t like the dress texture.

But as a whole, I love it. Great work.

Ok , but you didn´t like the texture itself, or the UV mapping?
Anyway thanks :smiley: Now my polycount has lowered more and less faces is good

Here it is, with smaller hands, the UV mapping will be better when the model have no problems, but if you don´t like the texture, explain me better why,like where I should do improvement


It’s too pixelated. :confused: You can see the bicubic filtering artifacts and stuff. A little higher-res would work wonders.

looks good man, try to post some pics with in game lighting on it. You should keep in mind how the in game lighting might affect your model - that’s important because all of your vertices will show because that’s how the lighting works I think. Its vertices dependant or something.

thanks for the comments, the model is almost finished,the polycount lowered again (950), and still preserving the shape. I´ll work in the texture now, later I post the results
As MagicMyshu adviced, I will work a little in the scenario to visualizate the light composition (I haven´t even beggined)
Here is an update (it´s only to show the finished model, the texture will be improved more later)


interesting good work keep going