First Game Demo (RollBall)

My first BGE demo game is ready 4 download. This game is far from finished but I wanted you to check it out. Sorry for the EXE file but this game is for a (possible) client. Use the arrow keys to move the platform—>ball and try to pick all the sticks.You have a limited amount of time to pick them all (though you can’t yet see the remaining time). C&C are welcome. I will also use this thread for updates (might also use it to ask or answer a couple of questions). This is the first time I ever use a file host service so I don’t know if the one I chose is a good one. Enjoy!:slight_smile:

EDIT: Screenshot:

Don’t forget to post screenshots!

Nice, one of the simple, fun to look at, and fun to play games…very nice job!!!


Very enjoyable, really like all the time put into the details, especially the fans spinning. Good work.

Your game looks pretty cool, but I found it rather difficult to win. I think the most I could get was two of the yellow lines. Perhaps I don’t have enough patience…

BTW, I sent you a PM that you will want to read.

Thanx guys! This one needs lots of work, but I would really like to see it finished.
@blendenzo: I find it to be easy… I’ve completed it four times before loosing the ball (and having to kill the app to restart :frowning: ). Thank you 4 the info too.
BTW the ‘game scene’ uses < 1500 polys.

couldn’t get it to download…waited the time out then click the download file and nothing. Oh well.

i suggest when you get more into making it

i couldnt see it so im just going blind here

addd a menu with highscores, mini roll ball games ets and a highscore feature

Here you go jessegp :
The game is good, but kinda hard to win.

Thats a cool game. I wonder how a full game could be made from it. Love the idea. Maybe if you post a .blend, people here will develop it into a big game. Or maybe you’ll do it yourself. Either way, its too good of a concept to be wasted.