First Go: Johnny Castaway

I started with 3D a couple years ago with Corel Bryce. I got frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t really change most of the shapes, and gave up till I found a weird little program called Blender. Clicked around a bit, and never touched it until a week or so ago.

So anyway, as my first project (besides Gus, that sword, and couple of mutant cubes) I decided to try and model the main charecter from an old favorite screen saver called Johnny Castaway.

This is basically what I’ve got so far:

Still needs a lot of work.- I haven’t stitched the two mirrored halves together yet.

  • The hands, feet, and arms are a bit off. They kinda look like rubber gloves full of air.
  • Eyes
  • I’m still not sure about the face/beard, guess I should look up some tutorialsI don’t even want to think about texturing/animating right now… I already feel like I’m trying to eat an elephant.

try using set smooth rather than sooo much subsurf.

Gotcha. Though I have to play around to get the normals pointed in the right direction. Recalculate normals doesn’t seem to work right unless I merge the two halves. But thanks, that’ll help a lot once I finish modelling.

try this script for the beard.