First head ever

Hi!, Lisandro’s here. This is my first post and I apologize in advance for my english: I’m Argentinian.

This is my first head model ever and I did it following this tutorials serie but using a toon reference.

Once there I played a little with the sculpt tool: I corrected some little mistakes and I added hair and a scar.

What do you think?

Looks nice! has an anime style.

I dont like the topology but I way better than my first head. So its good for your first. :wink:

I like it alot, :slight_smile:

Shows real skill,

Keep up the pixel hammerings, and churn out some art :slight_smile:

now, learn how to bake him down to a low poly mesh, without loosing any detail, and I can put him in a game :slight_smile:

have you rigged ever yet?
need some help?

(vertex hooks are a good place to start but they can not go into the game engine @ the moment)

armatures are the way to go, but the more faces you have, the less likely you can use automatic weights,
with a complex mesh, it is best to assign vertexes to groups as you go, like “RightCornerofmouth” or “center upper lip”
these make life much easier later on :slight_smile:

The topology flow is generally good, but the area under the nose needs some work. the faces are stretched and rectangular.