First head in blender- good ear tutorial?


As background:
I started working in 3D about 3 years ago, in a semester-long 3D Studio Max class. Not having my own 3D software since that class, I haven’t modeled since then (about 2 1/2 years) and I was never that great to begin with. I discovered Blender a week ago, and since then I’ve been trying to rebuild my skills, follow tutorials online (Torq’s excellent edgeloop tutorial has been especially helpful).

I’m modeling a head, and here’s where I am right now.

Advice would be awesome, and especially if anyone knows a good ear tutorial online. I’ve been trying lots of different stuff, and nothing’s really working. I’m pretty much still working on every part of the face, so nothing’s final… Just wanted some feedback.


Oh, and… sorry for the n00b question, but…How do I post a wire-frame?
TORQ said that was pretty good. I didn’t get to use it since I figured out the ear after a ton of observation and getting the basic topology set up from a I think 3d studio max tutorial. Looks like you have a decent start, yet not sure what your topology looks like.

ear tutorial:


Thanks, both of you! I’ve bookmarked both those tutorials, they were both really helpful. The ear’s coming together pretty well, obviously I have a long way to go, but so far so good… I’ll post the topology as soon as I get the head and ear finished.


Visit the Blender Repository here…

There’s an EAR that you can download and study, something to learn from. You can probably import that directly into your project and see how it works, and modify it for your head. As long as you learn from it, I wouldn’t consider it as cheating. I have a “generic head” that I am working on (from scratch), so that I can use it to create other heads in the futire. Why re-invent a mesh over and over?