first head model (no ears)

I’ve got a pretty good head going on right now. At least I think so. and I’d just like to know if anyone has any pointers or critique into what I’m doing right or wrong. I’m kinda scared to start on the ears but I’ll get to them eventually. Also any tips on that would be well appreciated also.


PS: sorry about the goofy smile on the guy but I was having fun


front view was supposed to look like this
The other was from and old render when I was having fun and forgot to render before i saved the image and didn’t notice until after it was posted


It seems that the bridge betwen the two nostrils (not sure of the medical word for it lol) is a bit indented making the inner most edges of the nostrils stick out a bit farther than anything else on the underside of the nose. Hoepfully you get my meaning, its early and I’m still on my first coffee…so things a re a bit blurry in the noggin lol.