First head


i have begun a little side project yesterday for practicing head and body modelling. Im gettin to used to mechanical modelling, so i decided to start right away with a head. So this is my very first head. As you can see on my picture underneath this is wat i have come so far. i just fixed the eyes, they where too big. I can see the mouth isn’t modelled right, any tips or suggestions? or other thing u like to say?

That’s a start.

Assuming you are aiming for realism:

The vertical distance between the eyes and the bottom of the nose is too much. That could be scaled down.

The bridge of the nose looks too narrow.

If you want to have a smile line in the future, you could move the edges to be more like this:


this is how far i have come now. i have added more depth in the face making it lesser flat. i have made the face alittle more high, and maked a backhead and an early ear.

i will fix the nose now