First head

Hey, y’all.

I’ve been using blender sparsely since 2.34, but never really got heavily into it, and never really finished much of anything. I also made the mistake of focusing my interest on rendering and not modeling. However, I do think I have a good understanding of Blender’s tools and interface, and I would like to get into some serious stuff.

Anyway, I put a head together using Mr. Bomb’s edge loop technique and ear tutorial. I’m not so happy with the ears, and I intend to screw with them.
So, here it is:

And a wire

I’m pretty sure my edge loops are okay, but the whole thing is a little funny looking. I think it looks like the skin of the face is stretched towards the ears, but I don’t how to fix it.

Some suggestions would be good.

unfortunately i know nothing about organic modelling so i cant really crit here but i will say that it looks really nice for a start!

Thanks, iliketosayblah.

how did you get your skin to look not so shiny?
because i modelled a face and got a texture on it, but the face looks shiny…

The loops appear to be in the right place. You’ve got a long head, some people have heads like that. It appears to be lacking cheekbones. The widest part of the head (seen from the front) is at the cheekbones, but the cheekbones in this head seem very shallow. Not impossibly shallow, just unusually so. The color is too red. That may also make it look odd to you.

With a few tweaks, you’ll have an excellent head. Good work. Welcome to Blender Artists.

That might be why it looks stretched. As for the redness, the material was just slapped on, I have no intention to keep it.