First homebaked rig and cycle

Sorry, but I just had to post it. It’s my first Blender rig, applied to ‘Mr Blocky’ a temporary ten-minute-made animatable mannekin. There’s no IK as yet, that’s my next little project - along with adding foot-roll and hand grab solvers (I’ll need a little more detail in the model for that!) . Rigging was w-a-y- easier than I thought it would be. Keying with just FK is a pain, but hopefully this is my first/last wholly FK animation. (Xvid, 240k).

Question: Is it possible to integrate slider controls for hand grab/eye blinks etc?

mmm. not The nearer you can get is the Action constraint, With that you can make an action play based on the rotation of a bone. So you can make the hand grab by moving the bone -90 on the x axis for example.