First Human(Like a Hero)

That’s my first human modeling.
Something like a hero,strong and big.
Without little details.

2 hours modeling the chest.



What do you think?
C&C please.

i hope thats not gonna be for an animation because thats awfully high poly count. looks good so far. i suppose u made a linked duplicate of one side.
(for those who dont know ALT-D)

Yes…it’s not for an animation.
Thanx HeadCheese


Good start, organic modeling can be very challenging. I think you’ll have to work on the ‘Six Pack’, it doesn’t look organic enough. Keep it up!

HEADCHEESE, the wire shows the SubSurfed model - I think it will be no problem to animate it. If the interface gets too slow, just decrease the Subdiv real time display level and go on… ;).

You can make the abs smaller from the top and larger on the bottom they look to square. Just a suggestion.

For now is good, but you’re just beginning… Let’s wait to see more!
PS: Are you using references? Because I always make mistaken proportions without it…