First human model

I’ve been avoiding making them like the plague :wink: Still wouldn’t like to make a complete one. Though looking complete as most of you might suspect it’s just a front. I know the render’s a bit dark but that’s completely intentional.
This isn’t meant as a realistic model… before people start lecturing me one muscles and such, it’s made to look cool :stuck_out_tongue:

C&C welcome as always.

It really looks cool, great work if that’s your first human model. But the picture is a bit “unbalanced”, tho. You immediately see those two flashes, and have to look good to see the head. So a bit lighter wouldn’t be that bad. And the flashes themselves and the bullet shells too may need some work. Great work anyways. Love the mask!

Yeah its like a John Woo cool.
I agree with the last post ,
but it still looks cool.