First Human Model

Hi all, this is my 2nd project - a human body (I dont want it with a lot of detail). But since i started modeling it I ran into a problem when using “subsurf” function :confused:on some parts and I dont understand why.Any advice appreciated:D

Looks like a normal issue. Try selecting the whole mesh in edit mode and press Ctrl+N to recalculate normals outside. If that doesn’t work try to do the same for the inside Ctrl+SHIFT+N) if that doesn’t solve the problem see if your mesh has inner faces or vertices that are not on the same surface are connected.

Yeah, normals would be the problem. If ctrl+n doesn’t work, you can change the view to textured (the little orange box on the bottom of your 3d view, change it to the bumpy sphere) and see which faces are seethrough.
Select all the seethrough faces (with face select, otherwise you’ll select faces you might not want to) and press ‘w’.
Select “flip normals” and viola!

also try selecting the verticies in that area and pressing W > Remove Doubles

Thanks guys, thanks a lot - saved me a lot of trouble. The hand look beautiful (for a noob) now! :slight_smile: But the fingers look way too thin lol, anyway I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

Here’s the left half…looks so crap! Everything is stuffed up…:frowning:

im by far no expert in blender but i would recommend working from some sort of reference pic/sketch in the background as it can be pretty hard to freehand something in 3d when you arent really experienced with it, especially something like an organic human form.

What method of modeling are you using? looks tricky…based on this outline you have little to go on…

Lol…I’m not sure - I have a front and side view of a guy and I drew and outline by vertices and now trying to connect it together to make a 3d shape…its hard :(. I read through many tutorails but got confused because my English isnt too good either, so trying to work out how to do it on my own and with your guys help :wink:

also my display picture speaks for itself lol

LOL alright have a look at this excellent low poly modeling video, just follow along and get a feel for what he’s doing…

omg whats this "work of art… my god it looks hardcore?is this cheating or just plan harder then a short cut lol… well would love to se your results.

Thanks for that…that showed me how noobish I am. My model look so messy and crap compared to the one on the link - gonna start a new one.
Epic failure…

Well after I watched the video clip (Big THanks to DarkLimit) I started from scratch and it worked out much better this time. :slight_smile:

Much better than the previous one.

However, you appear to have your hands on backwards and I think you need to have a good look at the abdomen.

Well I’ve made some more progress and put some clothes on but my question is how to make this:
look more like this:
and this: /uploads/default/original/3X/0/d/0d929712b9a9a2334253d87de24d0c1926a270d8.jpgd=1210434492

I mean how do I make the fabric to look like fabric and leather to look like leather? any links to GOOD tutorials will be appreciated. :wink:

I know that this isn’t what you are trying to make, but I’m impressed with your model. It’s truly artistic. Very expressive and personalize. I would really like to see a wireframe.

-Ross great improvements This model looks allot better, I don’t know how those guys made their stuff look like that; maybe drop them a PM and they may help you… Keep up the good work.

This model is bad but is 100% better than the previos ‘model’, which looked more like a deflated glove after being ran over by a tank :slight_smile: . I’ve made some improvements from the last time… not much but still

Not bad at all, are you sure it’s your first (or second) try?