First human model

So, I’ve been poking around with blender and the tutorials for a little while, and I finally put real effort into making my first low poly humanoid model for game implementation.
I have zero 3d modeling experience prior to this.

I’m not worried about the face right now.
It has not been fitted with an armature as of yet.

Any criticism would be helpful. Feel free to be as harsh as possible; I have no ego.

So um the feet(ankles?) are a bit small? even in your reference?
But i am not an expert on this (never did organic modeling)

The side view reference seems to be off a bit. When I was modeling the body it was fine, but when I started on the legs I noticed that it didn’t sync up. I moved it up a bit to line it up then the feet weren’t in the same position when I got to them… same with the arms/head.
I also didn’t like the way the legs looked when I had the feet lined up with the reference. They looked like chicken legs so I moved the feet back.

Looking at them again, the ankles are really thin from the side. When I connected the feet to the legs, I grabbed the top loop of the foot and bottom of the leg and smoothed a few times.

Thanks for the input.

Pretty good for a first model but I would suggest just throwing a 1x subsurf modifier with shading smooth just for presentation purposes;).

Even for a low poly mesh?
It just looks like an alien with any subsurf on it.

People are really hard to make so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t go exactly as planed, but it looks good so far.

My first model was a sphere :slight_smile:

Well, technically I did make a complete humanoid with fully jointed fingers and all, but I learned that ctrl+w does not quicksave until you click… heh… heh… <cries>

So that was a waste of a few hours.
This is my first model that was saved properly.

After losing the (what I would consider) really nice hands from my other model I opted to make a thumb, index finger, and mitten type conjoined pinkie/ring/middle fingers. I just need the model to hold weapons and possibly pull a trigger, so I figured I would save a few polygons there.

I’m probably going to start working on a texture sometime soon. Should be interesting…

Instead of spending any real time making a texture, I opted to just slap a toon shader on it.
I did however make my first rig, and test out node functions…

I was looking for a picture to use as a background for the render and found this while searching “cliff jumping.” I figured it suited my naked model.

thats the funniest thing ive seen !

Weight painting this thing is getting annoying.

Finally finished the rig on this character. I’m using it as a basic placeholder to start messing around with Panda3d. I tossed together a decent walk cycle (in my opinion).

Let me know what you think…

So I tried to export this to a .egg file, but it’s saying “no animation” in pview…

Using Blender 2.49b
Chicken R91 version

I originally parented the armature to the mesh (followed an animation tutorial), but then switched it to a modifier after learning that parenting doesn’t work with the chicken exporter.

Anyone specifically familiar with my situation?

For some reason the animations were being exported into the parent folder and the mesh in the intended target folder. When moved together they work fine.

Hi there, I was not following all the way through, but it seems to me that the hands are too small (an open hand covers the whole face) and the feet are, from the side view, too flat. (Your reference shows better). Somehow your guy is making some sort of a moonwalk dance (the upper body goes to the ground as physically not possible)…but it is actually quite a good work. I was not able to see your animation, but I am sure you did quite good as well…
For modelling, I see lots of people do a character in a cross-like positions, I used as a reference this world-wide known example by Leonardo da Vinci in my project and some knowledge of anatomy. This makes sculpting and texturing a model a lot easier.
Obviously I have no knowledge of the game engine…anyway, still have a lot to learn about all the other stuff…

Looking at them, the hands are a bit too small. I will have to scale them up a bit.

The feet do have arches, but primarily I used my own feet as a reference when tweaking them. I am flat footed so maybe it came out in the model…

I’m not quite sure what you mean about the moonwalk dance and the upper body going to the ground. Perhaps if you explained a bit more?

at 7.38…bendin’ forwards, your character is at the beginning to do so…
Malheureusement mon vocabulaire n’ est plus la même chose q’ avant…

Ah, That’s just in edit mode.
When I made it following the reference the legs looked like chicken legs so I moved the feet backward a bit.

Ce n’être pas trop mauvais. Je n’étais pas juste sûr que vous avez signifié.

That was done in auto-translate. It’s probably horribly incorrect.

Well. auto-translate is the best way to improve…and I understood, what is the most important. That is how I learned all languages I speak. 3D is the latest and I am still improving…far away from perfect.
I was able to watch the walk-cycle…I like the head movement especially, but the perspective is not too good to see what the arms and legs are doing…

I’ll have to get some different angles when I get home from work tonight.

side view would be best…