First humanoid model (small update)

Ok, I decided to jump off the deep end and go from modelling fairly simple things to modelling a person (I later decided it was OK to be cartoony a little)

Here’s some of my progress… note that the hands and… er… pants… are placeholders and that I have NOT used any textures (procedural or otherwise), just ramp shaders
The reason I say that is 'case one of my smartass friends was like “Yeah, you probably just made a crappy normal map.”

Well, here ya go! Some clickable thumbnails cortesy of ImageShack
C&C always welcome

Heh, pretty good!
I’m not one to judge though, i couldn’t do anything near that.
Nice “hands”, heh :smiley:
I like where this is going, but you should put some procedural textures on at the end of modeling, it’ll look really nice.

hey thanks, adsims2001!
Although I’m sure you could do it if you tried enough…

I’m definitely texturing this one 8)
Maybe my first decent model will be my first FINISHED model lol
Maybe I’ll go crazy and decide to UV map it (so far this is 1896 polys w/out subsurf on.)

small update… took a break from homework to model a hand… now i just have to add the other one…

You’ll never guess what method I used to model the hand :wink:
Oh yeah, this was my first hand too…

Any more crits? Soon I’ll be making last minute tweaks, and then joining the rest together and texturing…

Edit- Wow, I gotta fix those palms… :-?

i think the arms are too big as compared to the rest of the body…