First image in years - cityscape

Haven’t touched Blender in ages, its good to be back. :slight_smile: I’m stil trying to figure out and remember the buttons.

1715 polygon count, render time 3:13:26



Interesting piece. The buildings are quite nice but there is way too much ‘Blender default grey’ to really classify this as finished.

You need to spend more time texturing.

In my opinion it could be better from a lower camera angle with a little bit of dof. Very cool architecture though.

thanks guys, maybe i will add some textures to the buildings…by the way its not the default grey, its actually white. Just that there isn’t enough light, but i’ve already set the strength to 3.00 for AO. It only happens if I use angmap sky texture, maybe the texture isn’t bright enough?

Personally, I like it the way is. It would make a nice movie set. You should do a video fly through. Texture changes should be done in accordance to the film being made. Good work.