First image since last year: Individual

I know it’s not much, just the result of me playing around with Yafray some. Was expermenting with DoF, and suddenly realized “Hey, this looks halfway decent!” So, here it is. C&C welcome, but I’m not going to do any more on it; I’m off to play with yafray+caustics :slight_smile:

Ingredients: one photonlamp, one pointlight, some GI w/ the default world color, and a touch of DoF.

well it beats me lol, nah its a test so yea its good, test’s are never bad.

but test should not good in finished forum.
there is a thread for such thing.
now work on it. i want to see more than cubes

As I said, it STARTED as a test. And I’ve seen plenty of tests in that thread that looked better than some finished projects. Maybe I’ll work on something based on the same concept once I get my skills up a bit, but for now that’s all :slight_smile:

nice but more blur would be better!

are you using my caustic tutorial?! :stuck_out_tongue:

heh. sorry, but no. And the DoF was just a tiny bit, for a barely noticeable but significant effect.