first in blender

i try to make a model of lamp by Mesh and curve but when i render some path not smooth
in object when i use curve to draw and change to Mesh i don’t know the way to make it
smooth curve when render please guide me :confused:


You could add a edgesplit modifier and set it smooth

:wink: ok. thank you .
i go to try add level and use SSS it’s make model smooth but my computer slowly i think i need a new one
for work on 3D rendering i want to know what is spec of computer that can make animation for the best and smooth.
how many computer that can make animation like big bug bunny .

this picture when i adjust for smooth.


Don’t use SSS to smooth things. Use subsurf or multires. Given the model you’ve made, though, I don’t see why you converted those shapes to mesh. You could quite easily leave them as curves and set the render resolution to a decent level.

:othank you for guide to me . have many thing that i try to learning on blender .
at first time i not understand in something but i want to try again .

Yep, there is much to learn, but it’s definitely worth it.
I like the lamp design, by the way.