First Interior Render

My first interior render and first post … blender 2.74 , cycles 1000 samples
Textures came from personal texture collection and also from cg textures


Impressive work for the first time:)

Nicely done… my only critique would be that I feel the mantle shelf should be much thicker. You added some nice details to this scene, which makes it a very warm space.

Very nice and realistic.
But I think that it’s too messy, and you dont have any focal element. I mean, my eyes ran over all of the scene without anything that attracts me. I would remove some items to make it clearer, and maybe add any focal element.

Hey all! Thanks so much for viewing my pic and the very much appreciated suggestions! :slight_smile: This was done for a friend of mine who had a lot of things she wanted in cooperated in the scene … she sent me a bazillion pics of her personal things but I had to scale it down to a scene I could do in less then 10 years :stuck_out_tongue: She was kind enough to let me use pics of her house and to come up with my first interior scene and I thank her for that.

Realistic lighting and shading,very nice :smiley: you did a great job

Thank you so much for your kind words, I just went to your site and wow what beautiful work !!

Thank you very much !

Thank you very much! Im so impressed with your work !

Thank you ! I completely agree… a mantle should be able to hold up something other then air :slight_smile:

Thank you! Yes i agree with the focal point, I also could not focus on anything really so I tried to make the light from the window and the tree line down to the couch as a safe place for my eyes :slight_smile:

I just noticed on your site that you are 14… I am even more impressed!

Very good work!
Can you describe us your lighting system?

Really advanced for first render. WOW!!!

Thank you ! I used an HDRI for the environment with a strength of 10 and a plane above the arch window slanted down towards the bottom window, set it to emission, white with a strength of 50, added a vignette ( ? spell check needed ) in composition, which was my first time playing with the composting nodes, ? think i spelled that wrong too, isnt that for gardens? My apologies for this derpy description :slight_smile:

very cool render … love it

Thanks Kelphi :slight_smile:

Thank you !

This is your 1st interior!? Wow, it’s really amazing! :slight_smile:
What inspired you to make this?

Thank you so much! My inspiration? All of you of course :slight_smile: I see so much inspiration here, so many people making such amazing art. As for this particular setting, a friend of mine recently bought furniture online and had no idea how it would look in her house so I saw this as an opportunity to jump in the render pool… I had her send me pics of her home and a month and a half later…I decided to jump into the deep end of the pool and POST IT… :slight_smile: