First interior rendering

Hi everyone!

In october 2012 I decided to learn how to use a 3d program. I decided to give blender a try due to the fact that it’s free. After a few days I pretty much fell in love with it although it’s sometimes horribly tedious to acquire knowledge about certain parts (for example material nodes: documentation? What is fresnel? Why can it be plugged into the color input? Color Coding? etc etc…). This monday I decided to create something that can be shown to the world. So here it is :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for constructive critisism! Hope you like it!

If this is your first interior after around five months then I am absolutely blown away :smiley:

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: I did my best! If you have any suggestions on improving this (or generally) picture just let me know!

Magnificent work, PipTogo! Pleasant materials all around. I especially like the stone wall above the oven.
I also like the contrast of warm and cool lights. I’m assuming the blue light is intended to be sunlight from a far room, as it it not brighter than the tungsten lights.
One question, is the shadow above the cabinets near the ceiling unintentional? I would expect such a shadow to be much softer if there is a window nearby, but as I’m unsure of the layout of the room, I can’t be certain. Great work, regardless!