First Interior Scene WIP:Apartment in The Sky

After looking around Google i found a couple images that gave me inspiration to take a attempt at rendering an interior scene, I’m fairly new with 3d and blender(9 months on and off). So far i spent all day just roughing out the shape of the apartment and setting up some materials and lighting. The backdrop image is only temporary. Tomorrow im going to start filling up the apartment with a cough and decorations etc…

Changed the backdrop and added a rug and did some minor lighting changes.

Made alot of progress, still have to tweak materials and lighting to give a more realistic feel, right now fore some reason ot seems fake to me.

Scaled down some materials and added a backdrop, let me know what you think, and what i can do to improve my render.

Good job =) But I think the lamp would create a sort of halo effect on the ceiling, a ring of light on the ceiling.