First Interior Scene

This is my first interior scene modeled using a reference. My goal was to model a hallway as accurately as I could from a reference. It was rendered with Cycles in 2000 passes.

Here’s the reference I used:

Criticism, please. :slight_smile:

Looks cool. If you’re trying to match the reference exactly, the lighting and the focal length look a little off. You should change the focal length to 20 or 25, or whatever it takes to get that elongated effect that the reference has. Regarding the lighting, the actual building probably has some treated glass muting the light a bit. You could try turning your sun’s energy down a little bit. If you find that it makes your scene too dark, Cycles has an exposure adjustment on the Render tab, under Film. A longer exposure will help you make up for that lack of brightness without washing out the scene. Small adjustments though.

Modeling looks nice. I would say the same of the materials, but they look pretty basic :wink:

I look forward to seeing more!