First interior

Downloaded interior scene and tried my best to make a good looking render. Used Photoshop for correction. Correction was the main part, beacuse scene was non-contrast and looking dark. Also i used Filmic Blender for this render.
Cycles render: 2500 samples
Render time: 2,5 hours on GPU(gtx 970)

very natural light, like it. Can I link to this post in my Filmic thread?

Thank you! Yes, no problem)

The window is big, I can’t see why the render should be that dark as you’ve said.
IMO something in your settings was wrong.
As for the contrast, stated that you should start from a contrast look profile in filmic, you can adjust it even by the ASC-CDL node in blender compositor to be sure to work on scene referred linear data. Also in my opinion you’ve gone too far with contrast and some data expecially in shadows are clipped out.
Would you tell us more?