First Legitimate Head Sculpt

Finally, something realistic! I did this one in about 2 hours, which is so frickin’ out of my own league.;):eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift2:
Please give me some tips on how to sculpt a skin texture+wrinkles!

Pee-Ess: Don’t worry about the material/comp. Just a 5-second color base is all.

For really fine wrinkles, pores, and other uneven skin texture, I’d go with texture painting instead of trying to sculpt it.
(I recommend the trunked Image Layers Addon ( ) and external Image Paint Plus ( for any texture painting).
Pixel-level details are far ahead of what you can realistically work with in Blender’s sculpt mode, and GLSL mode handles real-time bump maps wonderfully.
A great little trick both when sculpting and painting, is to use Stroke->jitter&spacing to get random painting patterns without messing with texture masks. Combined with different falloff curves, this gives a lot of creative possibilities.
As for the wrinkles themselves… google a lot of reference images. If you want directions, check into Zbrush tutorials. There’s a lot of messing around with That Interface, but the sculpting itself tends to be really high-level.

I miss some definition around the eyes, but other than that it looks like a great start.

Well you are adding details in the right areas although your material / compositing / lighting setup takes away from the full experience fo being able to understand your model. I would try and establish the head shape first then put in the details. Adding that would be a level 6 or so on a default cube yet the rest of the head is untouched. The face also seems unproportional and elongated because of the unflattering camera distance and mm in settings. Id set it to at least 60 for a close up like that so at least the distortion would possibly make it look less elvish. Nice details though but they should be worked in somewhat evenly. Form first. or at least silhouette.

Update! Switched to Luxrender (100 s/p, 1 hour), modified the horrendous shape of his head and decided to throw out the whole normal-baking nonsense. Still left with way too many lousy poly’s though. Shame. :frowning:

He’s slowly coming alive!:ba:

Do I really have to retopo? But I don’t wanna!!!