I just finished this lizard I got off of Modrone’s Tutorial I’ll post it and I would like some crits on too please. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats pretty nice! I like the grin, the lizard seems really pleased with itself about something :wink:

Only crit is that I think the feet need to be a bit bigger and perhaps splayed out a bit more, the legs dont look like they should be able to support it. (him? her?)


Nice first model. Sure everybody can see it is a lizard. Nevertheless I would like to give you some hints how to improve:
It looks to me that the legs are too small for the body. They could not carry such a load, could they?
The eye-balls have to be spherical. The lizard could not look forward or backward with such stretched eyes.

Lol. I had not noticed about the eyes being strectched like that. Yes, he’s right, I’m sure that lizard is in serious pain. :stuck_out_tongue:

The legs are a bit small, but they might be somewhat accurate.

It also looks like there’s a plate on his head, and keep in mind you can cut detail in smaller places, like the tail and the toes. Detail should be proportionate to an extent. Sure 20 makes it look good, but could 18 still be good too?

It’s funny, I’ve barely done any 3D modeling but sound like some wacky pro or something. But you can tell in some ways. :slight_smile:

Wheres the tutorial?

Also the tail at the end needs to be thinner. :slight_smile:

But other than that good.

lunitari, I like your modelling (I think) though its hard to see in the wireframe. The head/neck looks to be very good in form.


From what I can see, it seems to be good modelling. Could we have a solid render?


I want to see a solid render with some nice scaly textures. He looks like he’d be happy on a nice warm rock in the desert.

Legs could be a bit thicker and more muscular and not stick out so much, otherwise it couldn’t stand up like that

ok I’ll get a solid render for you guys and I’ll take your guys edvice on the
eyes and legs. lol it’ll take time cause I’m still really new at 3d modeling,
thanks for the crits and I’ll be reposting soon!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job, what tutorial is this? I would like to have a look.

I dont know how to post links sorry or I would…

oohh obiwan posted the link :stuck_out_tongue:

Lunitari, only large lizards such as goannas and monitors keep their bodies completely off the ground when they walk. Smaller lizards such as yours would move their legs in an almost horizontal motion, therefore I would suggest that you spread your lizards legs out a bit more.

Your model otherwise isn’t too bad, especially for your first lizard.

Thanks for the advise Wiggie I was looking a some reference pictures
and noticed that about the smaller lizards. Right now I’m working on a
new way to texture the lizard but I’m having a bit of trouble with it so it will probably be a while.

I also dont think I will change the legs to a horizontil position I’m not actually trying to make a real lizard it’s just made up lol.

Hopefully soon I can get a fully textured model finished I’ll post a solid
view for you guys. (Forgive the wierd coloring still editing lol) :stuck_out_tongue:

As you can see I made the eyes rounder and the legs a little larger. I originally used ramp shading but in solid mode I am getting effects that are not to my liking.

hey looks good man. this one has alot of character. How are you texturing him btw? Have you considered using LSCM on him? ( to the person who asked where the lizard tutorial is, it’s in the ‘General’ forum, presently at page 6, but it will no doubt bob to the surface from time to time. )

cool, what are you doing with the other colors? I think its orco, but i dont know how to do anything besides UV.

the body is too “square-like”.
and don’t forget to smoothen the eyes.

lol I’m TRYIN to use Orco texturing it’s really my first time using it so
it’s a little difficult.BTW Modron what is LSCM never heard of it.Pavcioo,
part of the reason why the body looks so square like is cause to tail is
sticking straight out. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for your guys’s post btw hehe [!]