First Logo animation job

The render is only 100 samples, just to give an idea. (Ignore the music- I just put it in for giggles)

Issues I have with it are:
The red ember particles are not being dropped smoothly- they seem to be dropped in spurts on the outer G-shaped curve.

ANY suggestions on improving it, or features I can add to it would be greatly appreciated.

The airglow effect at the end is done by having the logo in a translucent block.

I don’t care for the camera movement (particle movement) of red particles to yellow Q transition. The red particles go down and to the left. Perhaps if they all swirled everywhere rather than down and the the left and reviled the Q

I agree- the reason they do the down and to the left movement is that I put a transparent plane just in front of the camera to deflect the particles away so the particles don’t go through the camera…

I plan to replace the plane with a cone, or hemisphere to get the effect you suggest…


Umm dont need plane just a force field in front of the camera.

Ok, here it is now, with the particles deflecting radially.

Wow, gone from Meh to amazing. Simple change huh?

MUCH BETTER! Good job!

This was my first attempt at a “commercial” product. (Its for a family member who is starting a business- so not doing it for pay). Keep in mind I will probably tweak a little more and of course the final render will be MANY more samples and look much crisper.

The company is in pittsburgh so the black and gold color scheme was requested, pittsburgh also was a steel town so I went with a glowing hot steel concept…

In your honest opinion do you think it looks “professional”? In other words can you envision someone paying money for work like that?

It took one evening after work + plus one snowed in day to do it start to finish…

Here are several variations…
Any suggestions are welcome.

I seems you’re getting there! Just a minor point: I assume the logo corresponds to the final “Q” (the one in yellow). And ad should end with a “pack shot”, i.e. the image you want the viewer to retain after having seen the clip. I’d reverse the final “yellow Q” segment so that the last image is the actual logo for the viewer to remember and let it linger onscreen for a very short while. Also, drop Carmina Burana. ​It’s become a cliché.

The music is there just for giggles- it won’t be in the final version… Its not a ‘Q’ actually, but a stylized ‘G’ made to look a little like a computer power button… The proper orientation is rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise from what you saw- the final version has this fixed.

I am doing a final render of the sparks logo - 600 samples seems sufficient, and will continue to work on the lightning version…

I will post final results here…

Cross-fade between the final product logo and the sparks as they begin to finish their course and fly out. Get the product logo onto the screen sooner, and have it quickly take-over for the sparks even before they complete their intended movement. Get rid of the “smear” part by letting the logo punch through it.

Here is another variation on the LOGO animation:

I am particularly happy with this one… as is the customer…