First major attempt at a head

This is my first major attempt at a full head, I was working on this one for a movie im planning on making (get the some charicters made first so I dont forget ideas) but thats not realy what this is about, the movie. Anyway I know it isn’t perfect but here it is C+C welcome but go easy on me :smiley:

I’m not all that good with anatomy, or anything, but I think the back of the head’s a little lower than it’s supost to be (it’s suposed to be level with the nose-… and the contour of the head…(mainly the sides and the jaw -where the neck starts- could use some definition) just adjust some edge loops around there (if you box modeled it), or move a few verts around where the neck starts and it should look better.

heres a small update, I will work on it more a bit later :slight_smile:

another update here:

I gave him some eyes now

The basic shapes of the nose, eyes, and lips are ok. The rest of the head needs some help. For starters the top of the head needs to be more rounded, it’s pretty box-like at the moment. The chin looks too sharp, not rounded enough and the side of the head seems to taper toward the back.

I don’t want to be too harsh, but it looks like you just jumped in and started this with no reference pics or basic research. I highly recommend going with reference images (real people, or drawn), you will have a much better base model to go with and will save your self alot of headaches. It’s hard to know if you have arrived if you have no base to model from.

I hope you don’t feel like I’m flaming you, 'cause that’s not what I’m trying to do…

could you post some wires for us as well, thanks!

The face is very very flat. You need to be sure to work as much in the side view as in the front view. Work at all angles. The eyes should be more inset. The mouth should wrap around the face more. The forehead should come out some more, and the head needs to be more round in general. Keep working on it - you’ve made a good start. Be sure to use some reference images.

You’re definitely making progress. Great job on the eyeballs.


I took some reference pictures wich I used, but they were not to good because one was bigger that the other so I did my best to get them close to the right size but it still wasn’t very good. are there any tips for taking pictures to get them almost exact?

oh any can anyone give me a good tutorial for doing the back of the head because alls that I did was extrude from the face and make the basic shape (around a picture) and thats why its flater on the sides.

What I did was just extruded to the back of the head, so all fo the polygons were straight and did not converge. The advantage of this is that you have more polygons to work with and it smooths nicely if its all quads. I think I have a blend file in my self-portrait thread, you might want to look at that. As for taking ref picture, just use your own! Set up a camera that is zoomed out from a distance, sit in a spinning desk chair, and take front and side pictures, if you can get someone to take the pictures for you, but keep the camera in the same place. A tripod would be great for this, or I used a remote shutter.

Thanks, ill take a look there :slight_smile:

here is an update:

here is the wire for it:

I am going to rig it so the jaw can move along with the eyes. First off I would like to know if anyone can give me a tutorial on how to do what Project Orange did with there charicters (ipo drivers I think they used) and have it so parts move when you move a circle around over a plain (like this: Orange Project picture)

I actually like the box shaped head.
I call him box shaped head guy.
Would work great in a toonlike animation.

Looks like the project orange guy that was posted on Orange.blender blog awhile ago. As a non realistic head, its rather good, however as a realisitic head, I’d say its got a lot of tweaking in store. Reference really is key to this and observation.

which are you talking about, my head or the one I pic I posted about the ipo drivers (thats one is project orange’s)

your head. the ipo drivers are set up with either guitargeeks shape widget script I think. Or they were manually done. Not sure.

Is it supposed to look human or alien?

Is it supposed to look human or alien?

Always an important thing to mention when posting something that could go either way. Human, Alien or Cartoon?

Without knowing the intended use, it’s difficult to accurately crit a head model. That said, some fundamental anatomy usually applies across all possible character types.

I would recommend looking up some profile pics (portrait websites are good for this) to see the actual shape of a human head. From these you can exaggerate the features but maintain basic accuracy. By exaggerating features differently, you create different characters with underlying similarities and so maintain a consistency throughout your production.

Your wire model shows some nice meshwork on the nose and eyes but if you plant to make your character speak or pull faces, you might have difficuly with the complex mesh around the mouth. This is one area where good loops make for good deformations.

If you look at the Orange Guy you’ll see a loop runs from mid-nose around the mouth and across the chin with other loops contained within. You don’t have that basic structure that applies to almost any creature with a movable mouth.

To drive your shape keys is fairly easy. To copy the widget method used in the ORange Guy you are probably best to find and download GuitarGeeks widget script (I think there’s a link on the site where the Orange Guy is).

To do it yourself, make some shape keys then create some simple, separate objects to use as drivers. Then select your mesh, go to the IPO>Shapes select a shape key from the list, bring up the data panel (NKEY) and press Add Driver. Link it to an object and choose from the list what object transformation will drive the shape. IF you chose something like RotZ from the list, then grab your chosen driver, rotate it around Z and watch the shape deform. Sounds complicated till you mess with it. It’s surprisingly easy if you understand shape keys to begin with.

Then you arrange the driver objects on a separate layer and view them in a separate window - unlocked from other windows so the view remains fixed on only that layer and you can hide this layer in your main scene window. This way you don’t have to keep looking for your drivers and they don’t keep showing up in your scene.

First off its a human, but im not going for perfict realisum. he is going to talk so im going to work on the mesh around the mouth (probably redo it) and thanks andyD for the IPO driver part :slight_smile:

Well, it’s all right if you’re not going for perfect realism, but it really doesn’t even look human right now. You’ve got a basic shape that looks decent (better than anything I’ve tried with organic things), you just need to move everything around a lot to make it more human. I think if you were going for an alien what you have now would be fine, but if you are going for a human, here are some crits and suggestions in an image.

Please don’t take offense or anything, I’m just trying to help. I’m certainly not an anatomy expert, those are just the things that look most obviously wrong to me, there might be other things or I might be wrong about some things. Right now the biggest overall problem is the head is stretched vertically, I would scale it down along the Z axis before doing anything else.

no offense taken, this is realy a learning experience with this one because I want to know what could be done better so when I want to make realistic ones or something like that I can do it well. I will work on the things that you have pointed out.