First Major Project - Electric Guitar

this is a LTD Grynch, a James Hetfield (Metallica) signature model
its my first major project :slight_smile:
helpful feedback plz

Not a guitar expert but the shape looks very stylish, it definately has a head banging look about it.

I am guessing the green flames were UV mapped on. They look ok on the zoomed out picture but on the close up they look quite pixelly. I think it would be worth making a bigger copy of the design to map on to the guitar it you want to do close up type shots.

The strings on the close up look a little like dental floss. Sort of varying in thickness. This may be what they actually look like (like I said above I don’t know much about guitars) but from the guitars I have seen they tend to be very straight and if anything have a sort of thread spiralling around the outside for some of the strings. Also they are a kind of a browny colour.

My next comment may be totally incorrect as my monitor displays things quite darkly so on a lot of peoples renders I seem to lose the finer bits of peoples renders but the guitar seems quite sharp edged. You might need to bevel the edges a little.

Excellent first project. I am looking forward to your next one!