First major project: Model my entire neighborhood

I live in an apartment complex and am going to model it. I’ve started with the 3 bedroom apartment. Here

How can I find the angle/slope of a line/surface?

looking in ortho view, pick two points along the line. The slope m is (y2-y1) / (x2-x1). Take the inverse tangent of that and you will have your angle.

You can get your two points eaisly by going into edit mode, pressing N for the properties panel popup, and selecting a vertice. It’s XYZ coordinate will show up. For like the slope of a roof, you want the YZ coordinates to use in the above formula if the room slopes away from front (numpad 1) orientation.

Thanks much. It seems that math just slips outside of my mind outside of school…:o

Fixed a serious issue that bothered me a lot.

NICE! is that your hole neighborhood?

no. It’s one building.

o wow…how many houses r in your neighborhood???

Plenty, and they are apartments.

Nice project, nice model.

God luck!

(I can’t wait for updates!!!)

Wow, nice model :slight_smile: cant wait to see updates (will you texture as well?)

I might. I’m terrible with materials/textures. I hope I can. I’ll try. :slight_smile:

A little more.

Like it. Nice WIP. I’ll be checking in from time to time, and can’t wait to see the finished model. Considered doing my parent’s house but the exactness of buildings kind of daunted me… If you keep this up, I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and get it done ;).

Perhaps you could use a digital camera and get some real textures from the place?

It’s got bricks and vinyl siding. Should I make each piece of siding and then just make a normal map of it? I don’t know ANYTHING about normal mapping, but would that work? What about bricks?

You could try the tutorial here for creating your own textures:

This tutorial is for Photoshop, but should work for any image editor that can offset images and wrap them from one side to the other.

There are stock image textures that you can find, but for an exact match it might be worth the little extra effort to photograph the actual materials on your building and create your own tiles…

Load the image as an image texture and map to colour and maybe normal… perhaps create a greyscale version with higher contrast and appy this as a seperate normal map…

(I’m pretty new at this, but have had pretty good results from a little playing about)

Small update. I’ve slowly been working on the stairs. It’s really time consuming without a blueprint/measurements. And going out to measure the whole building is really not an option.

Nice clean progress so far. You should make a low res (bake the textures if you can) version for Google Earth when you’re done. Apparently it’s not that hard to get your own models in there.

I didn’t work on it at all today. Man, I’m slacking. Hopefully I can get my footing on this again because I have to finish this, and 2 other types of apartments+the terrain, and extra buildings, roads etc. Whew.

Very nice for a first project. Though I don’t see how one gets to the the 3rd floor.

Some find it useful to work in the same mesh while others go with separate object. I’m curious which you are doing.
Whether or not to use a bump map is purely a question of scale and detail. A smaller scale (one building) the siding has a good chance to be modeled… Where as, doing a neighborhood… I’d bump map it. If you were doing several neghborhoods and aren’t going to show any part close up… you might even bump map the stair… or even the balconies.

But in the end it’s a decision of the artist/designer.

If you are going for a precise model you may want to look at the pdfthat recently was posted in blendernation.