first mangas please comment!

ya so yesterday i was bored and decided to draw somethin so i did and then i drew my first ever manga ( the girl) tell me what you think and this is actually pretty good cuz im very very very very very very very very…(it goes on for about 3000 lines so ill just stop it here) crapppyyyyyyy at drawing anything at all o and then i made the other guy in the Gimp and then i was bored and drew the emo cutter guy… cuz hes emo!!!


Wow. If you’re as really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really bad as you say, then the middle one there is very good. If you like drawing, I would suggest reading How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way and Comics Crash Course (the two books I’ve learned from; they’re excellent).

Female head: 3/4 view, This is Where You Should Begin!
For the next time you get bored.

i think my bro has that “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way” i should see if he still has it

I would also suggest “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”

It’s probably the single best drawing book ever written, and is generally held in high regard by most pro artists. A lot of the current crop of young comics / fantasy / concept artists probably all got their start with that book.

It’s not really a comic / manga drawing book, but I guarantee if you go through that book as well as some of the anime / comics books you’ll be drawing like a pro in no time.

i suggest not getting into anime or comics to learn, cus its like learning to drive with an automatic… its too easy and it makes learning how to drive a manual harder than if you would have started with it in the firstplace. So realism drawing is the best coarse it might be hard but, it looks way better, related jobs are alot better paying, and the ladies like it alot more. Its best to take a picture of something simple like a popcan, convert it to black and white, and play with the contrast so the edges realy stand out,(unless you want to try shading, which is best with a mechanical pensil and a blending stump) and try to copy that without tracing, ive never used grids, but judging by your stuff, i suggest you try them. once you get good at black and white, you can move to color, then just drawing things right in front of you. Or take as many art classes possible.

Jolibra it is right

Draw to the Right side of the Brain maybe made by a doctor but there it is not clue about the Psihological Effect on the pacient.

I recomand Fun with a pecil by Andrew Loomis and other comics book.

Squggly_P all natural media artist from Leonado Da Vinci draw forms that mean Cubes,Cilindres,Speres,Cones evrey design course in any University of Art and FineArt around the word draws this way and that it is more than hundred years old theory that don`t make just a painter but an Designer,Painter and Sculptor where “Drawing to the right side of the brain” book will make you just o copy painter not real that depends on reality.

The real eye of the painter is that you can combine forms to make new ones and see them 3d and put them in 2d space.

By the way dont think you will learn to draw in 1 week or 2 can take 1 year or 2 or 3 thats up to you.

Thats why an drawing class will be nice, you will spend lot of time drawing and it is better to have some friends to help you out “mental”.

MisadventureFilms if i draw without forms in my mind and without construction and proportions in my mind i draw just like you.Check my sketchbook tread you will see that “Crappy i have been” i`m still same crappy to but someones may say that i begin to be good at this “crappy” thing :smiley:

what he said

Dude, not bad for someone who reckons they’re crap at drawing. I especially like the hair in your Gimp piece, the shading is a nice touch there.
I too have How To Draw Comics the Marvel way, although I probably learned mostly from reading comic books and copying the styles.