First meeting of Toronto Blender User Group is Tuesday, Nov 13!

I’m very excited to announce the first meeting of the Toronto Blender User Group! Our first meeting will be next Tuesday (Nov 13) evening at 8pm at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If you know of any blender users in the Toronto area please pass on this information. Our meetup page is located at: Toronto Blender User Group Meetup Page

We’ll be getting together to talk Blender and hopefully have a semi-organized meeting including:

• Your background and how you got into Blender
• Current/past projects you’ve done with Blender
• Involvement in the greater Blender community
• Any artistic/technical problems/questions you are having with Blender that the group might be able to help with

Again, please pass this posting along to anyone that might be in the Toronto area. Thanks!

Hooray! I’ve been hoping someone (with more time than me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) would get something like this to happen in Toronto for years! It’s kind of tricky for me to get to events in Toronto, but I’ll definitely be there whenever I can. Looking forward to meeting you all (or seeing you again, for the peeps I know already…)!

hope to see you all there:)

why not do it downtown?
how do you expect someone to get all the way up there after work. especially with most of the studios being so far away from york.

maybe have the next one somewhere in the downtown core if it’s too late to change this one.
meet up in a bar, some place where you can still chat.

go to the meetup page that Todd links to, and there was someone offering to carpool from Dundas West station. I’m around that area to and I have a car but I can’t say for sure I’ll make it to this one. PM me if you plan on going:)

orAngE - yep, it doesn’t have to be uptown every time, but we did want a meeting room where we could discuss and present some of our projects, so something a little more private than a bar was needed (not to say we can’t go out after the meeting). Lawrence was able to secure a meeting room at YorkU for free, so that’s why the first one was there. It’s not set in stone for the next meeting.

bump! …

Nice, I just moved here from Melbourne Australia :slight_smile:

Awesome. I definitely would like to partake, although crazy deadlines might interfere this time around. Would be amazing to meet some fellow blender users in person!

Just heard about the group. It would be nice to learn a few new things with fellows.
But I doubt I can commit to something so soon.
Maybe next time.

@shteeve & @TAMcCullough - you might want to join the meetup group anyway so you can be on the mailing list for the next one! Cheers. Toronto Blender User Group Meetup Page


Just as an update to this thread, we held the first meeting of the Toronto Blender User Group last night. It was a great success and we had about 12-14 people show up for it. We were able to talk a little bit about our backgrounds and show some work, all good stuff!

For anyone that wasn’t able to make it out, we’ve started a facebook group page to communicate within the community.

Hey @toddmcintosh Are you still doing this? I checked the facebook group and couldn’t find it.

For other Toronto people, I’m inspired to learn more since 2.8 is so awesome.

I’m planning on having meetups downtown, and have started a new Facebook group. Please join us: