First model; a cartoon-esque skull

This will be stuck on a body and be given a helmet in the next day or so; it was modeled using a reference I doodled myself a while back, and I only had a front perspective to work with.
I haven’t applied any materials yet, and I realize it looks really rough, but as my first construction, I thought I might as well put it on display.

Wrapped-up the basics of the skull, throwing-on a helmet and a pair of goggles.

The hard part is next (making the body, as well as a big gun for the dude to tote around), followed by the harder part (touching-up the mesh. The skull’s wireframe is such a mess; I wish I’d modeled it differently).

Oh; and this is the reference doodle I’ve been using:

hmm hmm interesting so called ‘first model’…

looks pretty good in a cartoony way.

but try ambient occlusion for test renders as the surfaces are throwing me off as to it’s shape… lloks like the nose has a face created over it topside… strange

lloks like the nose has a face created over it topside… strange

Yes - there was a real mess above and to the right of the nose. This was a result of the whole mesh being, well, a real mess. The knife tool, as it turns out, isn’t for those of us new to working with polygons. :stuck_out_tongue:
That said, I managed to clean-up the distortions, and built myself a torso. Then I was playing around with the materials, and getting progressively frustrated with the fact I couldn’t figure-out how to make a good metal texture for my buttons and belt buckle… and then I made a discovery that got me all excited! Turns-out that blender has funtions that allow you to replicate those cel-shaded effects seen in games like Windwaker and the new Team Fortress coming out for the X-Box 360; and I LOVE that style of animation!

…Does anyone know if the Blender Game Engine supports this kind of rendering? Because, if it does, I’m just going to have to explode.

I think it is possible, I’m trying to find where I thought I saw it now. Best way might be just to try it and see what happens… Groovy model by the way, looks great in toon shading.


Its one of probably many examples, but I think this has toon. It at the very least has edges. Good luck!

reminds me of “Grim Fandango”

Added some feet and hands:

Now I just need to model the rifle. :slight_smile:

I like the way this one turned-out:

Now I’ve just got to get my guy holding the sucker… which is proving to be something of a challenge. :confused:

Hey its a cool character…keep it up…