First model, And it doesn't look to shabby!

I’m new to the 3D world, I’ve only really started learning blender in the past month. I mainly program for a small mod team with me and my friends, though since I’m good at drawing on paper they “insist” I make a character model. So, I drew up some quick refrences and put them in. Here’s 2 hours of work (I know that’s a long time for what it is, but this is my first model after all ^^):

 I haven't got to texturing it yet, after all that's why it's in the work in progress forum ; ).

Though, I’ve been having a little problem that’s been bothering me and it only appears while modeling. Not in the render. There’s a seam on the left arm (I duplicated the right one, moved it over the other verts and removed doubles, it’s 100% attached, I tried moving all the verticies individually).

-Picture of problem:

-Wireframe of upper body where problem exists:

If anyone can help clear that up for me, it would be great. I guess it’s not that big of a problem as it doesn’t appear in the render.

looks good!! How did you do it? Box Modeling?

Your seam problem is not a rare one at all! - All faces in Blender have a real side and a virtual side. This fact isn’t really relevant until you get into the game engine and UV mapping, but it does cause this little conundrum.

How to tell which way round the faces are? Well, each face has a directional “Normal” That is - which direction it’s “real” side is facing.

In your mesh editing buttons, locate the button “Show Normals” and press it. A blue line will spring magically from the center of each face. (There’s a normal length ajuster if the lines are too small to see)

This line indicates the direction the “real” face is … er … facing. Select those faces where the blue line points into the model instead of out (Probably the whole right arm) and click the “Flip Normals” button.

Should do the trick!

Select everything in edit mode, and press ctrl-N, recalculate normals outside. Works like a charm on models with a clear inside and outside, like yours.
Proportions are pretty good, except the arms seem a bit short. Not bad, actually for a couple of hours work.

Thanks for all the quick replies ^^;
Yes, it was done with box modelling. Then I found it say, to boxy? So I did a subdivide smooth and cleaned it up abit. I’m going to lengthen the arms then work on unwrapping it. Thanks for the help amusionist and Orinico! It worked like a charm. The arms may seem a little short, as I’m just starting modelling the hands, they should extend them out to the right length. If not I’ll adjust from there.

As blocky as the model was, I thought those stubs were the hands. My bad. Yeah, add palms and fingers and the arms will be the right length.

I finished off the hands, and reproportioned a fair amount of the model. I’m in the process of un-wrapping it now. I know the hands are overly simple, I guess I just haven’t found a good technique to make hands yet :o. I couldn’t get a clean looking render, so Here’s my workspace! (Images are 1280x768 widescreen):



Interesting use of button windows. You know Blender can take screen shots of a single window (Ctrl-F3) or the whole workspace (Shift-Ctrl-F3)? I think all you need to do with the hands is cut in one more loop through the back of the hand, the fingers and back through the palm, so you can give that area a bit of curvature.

Well, I guess I just need a little… well… alot of practice at skinning. This is my first skin, but I still feel like I could of done a hell of a lot better. Atleast the character stuck to the original design. He looks almost the same as he did on paper. Though, I wish I didn’t design him with the ninja-ski mask so I would of got to try my hand at hair ^^;

Needs improvment, but here’s my completed first skinned character. I messed up my camera somehow, I think I locked it to the origin of my model. Anywho, I can’t figure out how to unlock it so here’s once again a in-program shot using the default view for size:

I don’t really plan to do much more with him except maybe try rigging him for practice. But in future models, does anyone have tips that would fix some of the oddities in it for the next time I create a Biped/model?? (Modelling, Skinning, etc).