First Model Ever

Hello I just thought i would post my very first blender model up to see what yall think about it. Actually this is my first model ever so please critic me, I would love to hear some feedback and ideas. I still can’t model heads very well so I used the monkey and just added some cartoon looking eyes. Once i get better at the particle system I will give him hair and maybe Actually model my own head.

For being a first model EVER, its very good. I remember my first model, and it was not even close to as good as this. As far as the modeling, your topology looks very clean and you have the basic human shape,so thats good. Could you post some wireframes so i can see how many polys u used? Its always a good idea to post the wireframe in all your renders :wink: Nice Job.

lol embarrassing but im not sure how to render wire frames let me tinker with it for a second.

Nice first model. :slight_smile: I think that you are very skilled person, hope you don’t get bored of blendering. :slight_smile:

Here is something that may help you:

no way could I get bored. and you know Iv tinkered around in maya as well and in my opinion as far as modeling goes Blender for the win! still can’t figure out rendering wireframes. all the tuts are not for 2.5 so i dont understand all the UI’s

The easiest way to get wires is to just take a screenshot. For nicely rendered wires, duplicate your model, then set the second ones material to wire, then adjust z-offset slightly. There was an old tut out there on this… there it is. The locations of the buttons has changed, but the principles remain the same.

@Brandon227 here you have a tutorial to get wireframes in Blender 2.5 :
Nice first model

ok here it is. (i know the wireframes are sloppy)