First Model, First Post, and don't know where to go next

Well like the title says, this is my first model and my first time with blender. I thought I would do something simple like a head and well I had just finished watching Predator 1 and 2 so this guy was fresh in my mind.
This is the image I am working off of
I don’t know what else to work on and I don’t know how to do some of the things I want to get done. I would love to know how I could make some upper and lower teeth for him and add some more detail to his head and nose/mouth area.
Subsurf 3

Another thing I just noticed was how do I join the two halfs together, I don’t know if you can see it but they are just really close to eachother.

Thanks for the comments and help. :expressionless:

I think you might want to click set smooth which is in the bottom left corner in the tab with the four dots and square i dont know what it’s called. Also if you model one half of something you can mirror it in the modifiers thingy. im not very good at modeling so I cant really help you much :expressionless:

hi, nice modelling

after joining, selectingall +ctrl j, you can use “remove doubles” , if the second half of the mesh is not mirrored correctly you have to merge the vertices by hand, W, than merge.

nice work, looks like your doing ok to me, maybe theres some tweaking to be done but i cant really fault you on anytihng.

You don’t need to use duplicates to mirror it. In the modifiers panel (where subsurf is) add another one above subsurf and make it a mirror modifier. Change the axis until it looks right. You will probably need to move the object center to the join as well. Then, it will automatically be mirrored, and joined.

something i’ve learned in reading and such…you don’t want to just match the subsurfed version to your ref. pics. sometimes a good control cage(the non subsurf version) needs to be fairly close to what your trying to model…this allows for more control and ease in texturing later on.

Well thanks for the advice and I kinda see what your saying about the control cage and having it match up to the ref images and I think it kinda does, well enough to not be a problem when I attempt to texture it atleast.

Thanks for letting me know how to join it together, and in multiple ways to!

Any other advice is still welcome and some direction as to what I should do next would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks for the help. :smiley: