First model in Blender 2.75 - Smart Fortwo

Hi, I’m trying to use blender, this is my first model I want to do. I follow some tutorial on blender, its interface, how to make a wine glass and house. But I’d like to model a car, i’ll try with a Smart. This is my blend:

I found the blueprints with google image, then I put it on background but something is wrong. I can’t figure out. Could you help me? I tried to resize the right view background, but I think it wasn’t the right direction.

Thanks :wink:

Don’t know what you mean. The front image is maybe just a bit too big for them to line up. The object doesn’t line up with the center of the scene but it doesn’t have to. The direction is just fine

The external dimensions are right. I started from hood but the top right point in the front view is completely out in the right view… I’ll post a new blend file, with a new object (align_box) with work correctly, but hood(the plane) is wrong:

Perhaps you’re looking at wrong vertices

Top right vertex in the front view is not near the end of the A pillar in the right view, it’s further away in front. The middle vertex is near it in the right view but that is the wrong vertex to be there, so it’s inside the car.

Thanks, I was looking at the wrong point. Now I can continue with modelling, I hope I could get a good model :wink:

I wish you luck in modelling, but will offer one single tip from a fellow noob…

work in lines rather than polygons,
its ok to make each poly by hand, but much faster to work in lines (edgeloops) following the curves of the vehicle, this way you can simply make say, a line which follows with the bottom of the window frame another line following the top of the window frame, and then join these together by filing the spaces between each vert… (of course this example is a VERY simple “best case scenario”)

from my experience its much faster to create each edgeloop as required and then simply connect these edge loops together.

good luck in blender!

I think I haven’t this skill now to complete the car. I continue with glass,bottle e table to improve my skill before I return on a model car… I can’t do the single hood so I can’t finish this car :wink: Thanks for help :slight_smile: