first model in blender

got blender for almost 3 weeks now and i really love it.
the last 2 weeks i have spend more on rendering to give my wings3d models colors .yesterday i was playing with a tut from how to use subsurf to model all went cool till i arrived at the end
the tut stopped at the ears aaaarg.
i remembered somewhere a blender tut in black and white colors about human modelling anyone know what tut i mean?
and a major noob question how to copy a edge or how to add a vertex.
now i did just a subdivide % delete the unwanted edges but there must be a easyer way is a site that I was pointed to.

You should be able to copy an edge with shift + d and add a vertex by selecting the vertex you want it to go off of and using ctrl + LMB (left mouse button).

I hope that helps. The model is coming along well, but the eye-sockets seem a bit off. Adding eyes and teeth will help, ofcourse. I also suggest
as an alternitive way (which is a bit cleaner) to model faces; it uses the idea of edge-loops.

yes! thx you that was the exact tut i was looking for

Need OSA.
Very good for a first!

freakin hell i got a virus from this link the ear.html gave me a virus grrrrr