First model! (not done)

Okay, So i used Jonathan Williamson’s tutorial, (on And i thinnk i did a good job, Missing the head which i cant figure out how to add. DOnt know how to smoothen it either and stuff, maybe u guys could give me advice on what to do? and maybe how to do stuff to make it better (like smoothen :P) anyways, heres a pic

to smooth it you could add subsurf. in edit mode on the buttons window it should be in the drop down (or up) menu under the modifier section.

looks like your shins are bent, it would probably be easier to work on the legs if they were closer to vertical.

you can use ‘set smooth’ as well first select it all by pressing the ‘a’ key. (under link and materials button)
i do hope that’ll help you. good luck with the modeling. keep blending.

for a first model, this isnt bad at all!
nice work!