First Model (not really more logo)

This is not really my first model and setup, just the first one that I have posted. C&C are Welcome.


you may want to use a softer noise on the water (if you want that flowing shimmery look)

Oh yeah I fogot about that. Thanks very much appreicated.

The overall image is a bit dark, perhaps a few more lamps or some AO, or even more reflection and a brighter material. =)

Actually it’s called “Blender”, not “Blender 3D” :smiley:

Anyway, I don’t think the logo should cast shadows at the water, looks strange.

  1. you’ve got some horrid green and pink/red colors being cast on the text… if thats your lamp colors…they really clash alot.

  2. the specularity on the text doesn’t quite look right. im not sure what kinda material you’re going for…but the color/texture doesn’t seem to go with the spec.

  3. you can kind of tell that its water underneath…but the water seems a bit flat…and it almost looks more like blue goo instead of water. in fact last time i checked, water wasn’t blue. its clear and it just reflects whatever color is above/below it.

The intent was to have a shiny logo, (kind of forgot to change the material though :-|) as for the green and pink I have no clue where it is coming from because all of the lights are white.