First Model (nothing special)

Okay so here is one of my first ‘finished’ models. Followed a tutorial for Blender on CGArena. I am pretty happy with it. It is the best I have done with any sort of 3D modeling program and Blender in general. Thanks for looking.

Blender Render:

Render in Indigo (first time using Indigo, trying to learn how to use it):


Lol it cant be that bad that no one would comment it would they? Lol just kidding… :confused:

Not bad. His cheeks look a bit puffy, though.

Well, the human form is really hard so I admire you for attempting it in the first place, we all know what we think people should look like, etc :slight_smile:

I think its fine, only CC I have is perhaps his jaw line is a bit weak and he is a bit to young looking to have such a saggy chin imo.

You see what I mean? everyone’s a critic when it comes to human models :wink:

Very nice for a first piece, I hope you do more :slight_smile:

Hey nice model, I am brand new to 3D so hopefully I will get as far as you. I agree I think the chin is a bit low, but other than that great job!


Can I give some constructive ciriticism? This is only a guideline.

Well, it’s not bad for a start! But you definately need to study up some anatomy. Just the basics. The nose and eye areas are sculpted pretty well, but you need to look at the form of lips. You have sculpted them exactly like many people draw them when they do not understand what they are drawing. Knowledge here is power.

Try analize the human skull (for example). How does the Jaw bone relate to the skull, and how does the muscle tissue relate to the overal shape of the head. Check out some anatomy books. Look for stuff from Andrew Loomis. I know his drawig books was available for download somewhere (his books are free). He explains the way the human form is build in a ingenious way.

Or tie someone to a chair and look at his face. Try to see why it looks the way it looks. Mmm,…

Aaaanyway. Just some thoughts. :slight_smile:

LOL thank you guys that is some good advice ^^

In all honesty the guy I modeled (the reference pic) the guy had a big head and saggy chin but ehh I will fix it up (most likely going to start a new model, female head). But I will definitely go back to my anatomy books (I studied anatomy last year in College). Thanks!

That is a really good job for a first model. My hat goes off to you for trying one of the hardest things to model first.

Thank you sir! Means a lot to me

Yeah, good start! But for a better susbsurf modeling & understanding, you will need to study subsurf topology rules, check out this useful threads: