first model- rabbit

sharing my first model. his pose is a bit odd, but i’m learning how to rig him for animation as we speak. maybe i’ll get a walk cycle up soon.

a big thanks to all the blender developers; i love this program.

Ha! Comical, freaky, appropriately simple, and somehow charming. I like it.

Yeah!I like this simple style also.
How did you get the triangle cut in the eye?UV mapping?

More likely a UVsphere with the “wedge” verticies blonging to the group of verticies that make up the white of the eye.


Love big eye’s. Would like to see in a just a simple as sceen.

Only nit pick is there seems to be a line around its chest witch seems wrong. But that might be how you made it. :smiley:

Keep it up.

for the eye, i just separated parts of the mesh in the shape of the pupil and retina, changed their materials and then joined it all back together… i’m having trouble figuring out uv mapping so i’m trying to be creative…

as for that line around the chest, i’ll post a new version…that happened because when i joined the two halves of the body together, there were some extra vertices that pulled inside of it…sorry, i don’t really understand what i’m doing well enough to explain…