First Model-Sailboat

As stated, this is my first model, and post come to think of it. :stuck_out_tongue:
C+C Please.
Also, any ideas to make it look better before I add the mast and boom, among other things would be helpful.
Thanks, and Cheers.


There are some ugly triangles visible atleast in the sideview. I’d try to get rid of those (maybe cut the boat in half along its length and then use the mirror modifier, would make it easier). Otherwise it looks like a good start.

Looks decent, it’s a bit hard to tell with the JPEG compression so bad.

Looks okay… Don’t know if you’re workking of blueprints, but if not, a normal sailboat is widest at the middle, so move the wwidest part further back. The keel is too wide at the top´, normally it is almost as wide at the bottom as at the top.

keep it up