First model-Soda Can

Here’s my first attempt at “completing” something. I tried to make it more realistic by using a purple and yellow hemi to show the dark and light side of the can more. Can’t make any decent textures myself so they are all pictures.


Looks okay… 2 minor things…
The point on the open-thingy (don’t know what it’s called in english) where it connects to the can, should be a little bigger.
The can is IMO too shiny, to be realistic. And the shadow should be softer.

Keep it up =)

OK, I see what you mean I added a spot light to do the shadows instead of lamp raytracing, resized the tab rivet thing and also changed the armature so it would only move the tab where it wasn’t connected to the can. Anymore comments?


Better now =)

Can see edges along the right edge of the can, along the top ring. Subsurf/subdivide/auto-smooth as needed to get rid of them.

The “lid” would benefit from some detailing, cans generally have lettering etched into the lid and little bumps drawn in that add rigidity. A prime solution would be a displacement map, in no way is it the only way to do it but as a newbie it would be useful to learn and experiment with.

It could use some reflections.
Reflection of the floor on the can = raymirror on and to about 0.3

I would soften the shadow just a tad.

Thanks for recommending the displacement maps, you can do a lot with those but I need something better than paint to draw them in :-? , Anything else?


I created Displacement maps (aka BumpMaps) using Blender. OK, sounds weird, but Blender was the only software program that I have, that can create nice bezier curves. You can see what I mean on this page here.

Then I used PaintShop Pro to soften (or blur) the edges. I also added “Circle Text” . Gray is neutral, Black is concave and white convex. The blurred sections make the bumpMap gradually raised. Feel free to use the one on that page mentioned above.

One thing no one has mentioned yet…the floor. Parquet flooring usually consists of 3-5 strips of wood per square, and there should be less contrast between each strip. The can is looking good. That tutorial will be my 1st in uv mapping when I get to that stage.

Yea I know the floor looks crappy I just pulled a image off google for something down there, I’ll try and fix it up some more make it look better. And thanks for recommending GIMP can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself