Ok people here it is. I have just started working with Blender after a friend told me about it. After playing with it awhile, I gave up my 3d Studio Max to give this a try and wala…my first model. Not to bad for some one who has no idea what the heck he’s doing. So options welcome, Tell me what you think? :slight_smile:

big time Dr. Who fan here. very nice model; only crit I have is perhaps to vevel the edges (I know, there are quite a few of them. nice logical construction, and awesome ‘reveal’ in your post. I had no idea what it was untill the last coupla images.
welcome to blender!

wow! great detail there. I wish my first model was like that.

When I saw the first image, I thought, “Hey, looks like a phone booth.” It had the right proportions, I guess. Great work!


super, great start!

Excellent model Tspann. You have just made the thousands of people viewing this forum wish that their first models had been this well thought out. :expressionless:

Hmm … now comes the difficult bit … how to model the huge interiors of the Tardis in that SMAaaaLL box ??? :smiley:

New Blender feature anyone … ?

Great tardis, i love it. I also like the way yu have structured your WIP. I would feel bad about my first model, BUT, you have had experience in 3D before, unlike most people who use Blender.

Ok, I think I’m done!! :smiley:

Now…Whats Next…LOL

The next thing you should do is create an environment.

An environment is definately necessary now that you have this nice model finished. Oh, and I personally would like to see a nice radiosity render…I know you are new to Blender but thatnks to the new radiosity changes, it should be a breeze especially considering the flat blue color you have going for the booth itself…would turn out really nice I think with the two lightsources (the one on top of the booth and the one I assume is inside). Anyways, welcome to the community. Great work, keep it up!


Wow, I haven’t finished my project… I guess you’ve got more patience then I… :expressionless:

Great job man! :stuck_out_tongue: British style… I’m guessing… 8)