First model


Im new to this forum and blender. But this seems to be the perfect place to tune (not that i have much) skills.
So, what do you think of this sword? I know the renders might be a bit dark but so far its the best i could get them.

All advice is welcome :slight_smile:


Very nice for a first model = ) My first model looked like poo… literally.

I had one problem with the grip. I used the spin tool to create is, but i cant seen so get it perfectly round. I tried to remove the doubles but it didnt help.

Nice. My only crit is that the texture on the hand guard is vertical and doesn’t follow the shape.

Keep ‘em commin’

That’s really good. Besides from the lighting, obviously, I don’t really have any crits about the modelling; excellent stuff. Actually, where the wooden bit of the handle meets the metal hand-guard-bit (i don’t know the names of the parts), it seems a bit thin. Surely it’d snap quite easily?

Very good stuff, though. My first models were awful.

And Ven0m, were you intending to model poo? Because if so, you were really successful :wink: I originally attempted to model a cube. And i rocked at it!

Ill try to find some lightning tutorials and see if i can improve it :slight_smile: