First model!!!

Here’s my pretty much first model, and this is from the mant ?'s I asked in the edgeloop tutorial, here’s what I got so far:tell me what u think.

I need a lot of help on shaders and all that stuff a noob can’tdo, it would be much appreciated.

Thats very good as far as first model goes!

indeed it is good.

The eyes look a little unfinished and are a it too wide, but what surprised me was the mouth. It looks excellent–considering it’s your first–the lips do not appear ‘extruded’ off of the face, the mouth doesn’t look flat, either. The shape appears pretty natural, and in spite of the smile creases at the corners of the mouth being too deep, the actual shape really isn’t that bad.

I took the lines from the lip area, and extruded them out, than I did around 2 loopcuts to model the lips. Than I extruded into the mouth.

And the weird thing is you did it well.

I’m not new to 3d, I use to use a lot of swift, here’s one of my best models in swift
This was until I was hooked on Blender

Here’s an update: