First Model

Hey everyone
Just started blender a couple of days ago but thought id post this model ive started recently…
I sorta used the joan of arc tuorial but dnt really know enough blender to know what the equivalent would be all the time so some of the stuff i was just experimenting as i went.
Just noticed the feet are quite squarish… but might just leave it if im gonna give it shoes or something.



wow! thats very good for just a couple of days. really very very good.

one crit, the waist is a little square, but thats it.

and the legs…the legs are a bit square too…

thanx for the quick fedback guys!
i’ll have a go tryin to fix up those areas soon!

I suggest looking through this thread on edge loops and poles!
It looks like your mesh is fairly clean so far. I see a couple of triangle polygons (tris) in your mesh, if you plan to animate you will likely want to convert them into quadrangle polygons (quads).
The above link has some VERY useful info on how to set up your mesh to be able to add details without messing up your mesh.
Also, check out the resources on this page
some great stuff there in the Manual, Tutorials, and documentation…
Hope some of this helps! I’ll wait 'til your next update before posting any C&C on your project.

tried to get rid of some of the “blockishness”/squareness of the legs and hips… what do you guys think? any better?

thanks for the link! not really sure if im gonna animate it - ive only really tried my hand at modelling so far… but i guess theres no harm in being prepared in case! :smiley:


front view would be nice …and a side

there you go… :smiley:


are you useing any reference pictures??? if not good job =)

the shins are still a bit square…but other then that its getting better

Lilgrudgeboy read my mind. Are you using references? I really recommend it, if you are not. If you are, make careful observation of the differences in what the shape of your reference takes in 3d space and your model. The most noticeable thing I see at the moment, is pointy area on the front of the hips.
References are your friend! Also, save often, save different versions as you go. If you get to a point that the mesh is complicated and you don’t like how it’s going, you can then go back to a stage you did like and work forward from there. I do this quite a bit and it has saved me a ton of time.