First Modeled Female Head

can you believe it? i’ve used blender for over a year and this is my FIRST actual attempt at a realistic head!

well, not really a human one. more like a robot mask type thing…
you know, like in “I, Robot”…

anyways, here’s the WIP type images:



and an update.
added some SSS and eyes. well, i guess you can call them eyes.
i just watched I, Robot again, so i’m really geared up for a robot head. :stuck_out_tongue:

forgot the pic!

It is quite cool. I have attempted this exercise and threw the towel after a couple of months. Can you show the mesh as well - as this will show the edge loops and so on to help critic the work.

actually, i’ve had this head model on my hard-drive for like two months now, and just now i decided to go back and restart it. :stuck_out_tongue:

and heres a screenshot:

I’m rather curious why you’re using nodes. It seems like you could get the same look with just materials, without any Node editing required.

Not saying nodes are bad, of course, just curious, is all.

i dunno, i like playing around with the curves. :stuck_out_tongue:
and how does the model look?

Actually I can believe it , the human face is a huge pain so I dont blame you for avoiding it all these years. You cannot get away with even slight mistakes in human anatomy because our brains knows our anatomy very well.

Very impressive for first try by the way.

heh, thanks.
and yeah, i noticed a few off details myself, like, in the 3/4th view, her eyes look like they stick out waaaay to much…

small update:

and another quick update:

and they keep coming…